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With a successful professional career as well as her own company, Gallagher Associates, LLC, Loretta Gallagher has appeared in the media numerous times. As an entrepreneur who possesses impeccable Epic Systems, EMR, and CPOE skills, making media appearances is ultimately inevitable.

Exclusive Interview

Over the years that Loretta Gallagher has been active, she has participated in a few exclusive interviews. Most notably, she appeared on both Inspirery as well as Ideamensch. On these interview platforms, entrepreneurs and business owners talk about their professional journey. For Loretta, she discussed how she started her company, Gallagher Associates, LLC. Furthermore, she briefly talks about her education and how that shaped her as the person she is today. Last but not least, she goes in-depth on how she brings ideas to life, as well as how she motivates herself everyday.

IdeaMensch Interview

I started my business, Gallagher Associates, in 1993 specializing in computer skills for corporations. In the early days we worked closely with firms implementing email ...

Inspirery Interview

In the early 90’s my husband and I were doing the two people working and trying to raise a daughter. When I became pregnant with my second child we ...

Hobby Jam

Loretta Gallagher is the President and owner of Gallagher Associates, LLC an IT firm located in Wayne, New Jersey that works primarily with healthcare ...

Featured Articles

Aside from her appearances in exclusive interviews, she was also featured in professional articles. In particular, Patch and Prague Post featured her in a few articles where she discussed how she runs her business. More specifically, she discusses how EMR and EHR programs should be managed. EMR stands for electronic medical records while EHR stands for electronic health records. In these articles, she addressed how her experience working with EMR, which spans over 15 years, enabled her to establish her own company. In addition, she emphasizes the importance of EMR and how it will ultimately improve the healthcare experience.

Loretta Gallagher

How New EMR Systems Help Hospitals Capitalize on Their Informatics Teams

Implementing a new electronic medical record (EMR) system is a long and difficult process. It requires employee training across all levels, countless hours of engineering, and a lengthy ...

Loretta Gallagher

Loretta Gallagher on Helping New York's Hospitals Face Changes

Across the nation, technology is advancing at a blistering pace that has been leaving many regulation-heavy industries like healthcare in the lurch. Healthcare has a storied history of being ...