Who is Loretta Gallagher?

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Loretta Gallagher is the founder of Gallagher Associates, LLC. Gallagher Associates, LLC, is an IT firm that specializes in the implementation of Electronic Medical Records. With an undergraduate degree from Fairleigh Dickinson University in Finance and Economics, as well as a graduate degree in Education from Marygrove College, Loretta is a Microsoft Office Certified Specialist. She also holds two Epic Certifications.

Prior to establishing her empire, Gallagher Associates, LLC, Loretta was an adjunct professor for Passaic County Community College. In addition to being an adjunct professor, she also worked closely with Rutgers University. Furthermore, she worked with William Paterson University’s Office of Continuing Professional Education. While she was there, she worked with companies on their behalf to help and provide aid with IT training needs.

Throughout her early professional career, she has written several training tutorials. These tutorials were written for Rutgers Office of Professional Development for Microsoft classes they offer.

Gallagher Associates, LLC

Loretta Gallagher began forming the idea for Gallagher Associates in the 90s. While trying to raise a daughter, she became pregnant with her second child. At the time, she felt it was appropriate to take a few years off and focus on building a relationship with her family. However, while she loved being a mother, she missed the responsibilities and challenges of a working adult. By September 1993, she began forming ideas for Gallagher Associates.

She began with her first client, which was located nearby. It was a local state college that employed her company. Their goal was to have Gallagher Associates help them with an overflow of corporations calling their non-credit professional development office for help with the emerging computers and software. For Loretta, it was the perfect opportunity to kick-start her company. By the time her kids entered high school, the company grew tremendously and they had associates as well as clients in many states.

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Today, with a proven track record in the health care industry, Gallagher Associates provides implementation, project management, design, budgeting, planning, cutover/command leadership, training & go-live leadership. On the other hand, it’s founder, Loretta Gallagher has a wide range of professional experiences working on teams implementing Epic, Cerner Millennium, Soarian, and McKesson encompassing inpatient, Revenue Cycle, and Ambulatory.

Legacy & Purpose of This Website

On this website, Loretta Gallagher wishes to not only humbly showcase her prior achievements, but also connect with people. As a business owner who went through countless obstacles, she understands the importance of branching out and expanding her network. In addition, she hopes to act as a pillar of inspiration for those also looking to start their business. Through the various exclusive interviews, featured articles, and professional blogs that she has either written or been a part of, she wishes to inspire other entrepreneurs.

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