As the owner of Gallagher Associates, LLC, Loretta Gallagher is a passionate writer. Throughout her professional career, she has written and published numerous times. According to her, reading and writing are two of the most important skills to have, in order to keep the mind sharp. In addition, the ability to read large chunks of information, understand them, and come up with your own interpretation of it, is a fundamental skill set that every entrepreneur should possess.

Loretta Gallagher’s Blogs

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Writing and publishing blogs is something that Loretta enjoys doing in her spare time. She has published numerous blogs on Medium before. Medium is a popular blog sharing platform. It allows users to create accounts, write blogs, and share ideas. In addition, it’s a terrific place for beginner writers to express their views and gain insight into the world of professional writing. On Medium, Loretta has explore a plethora of topics. More specifically, she wrote about setting up EMR training and maximizing EMR training. In addition, she touched on ‘Cutover’, which is the process of transitioning from an old system to a new one. Furthermore, she dedicated a blog to setting up and running a command center, as well as today’s EMR market. Last but not least, she expressed her opinions on Super Users vs ATE (At the Elbow).

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Loretta Gallagher on setting up and maximizing EMR Training

For hospitals implementing a new Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system, (aka Electronic Health Records or EHR), training all the end users on the new system is vital to success. All hospitals realize this, but the manpower and expense required can be a surprise.

Loretta Gallagher on ‘The Cutover’ – Medium

According to Gallagher and her team at Gallagher Associates, manual cutover process traditionally starts 16-24 hours prior to your go-live. The objective is to enter the pertinent information needed at go-live for all patients, head in a bed. Keep in mind, says Gallagher, your old system does not disappear.

Loretta Gallagher on setting up and running an EMR command center

Loretta Gallagher is the owner of a professional EMR company – Gallagher Associates in Wayne, New Jersey. She and her team help hospitals and corporations smoothly transition and implement new IT systems, and aid in the overall professionality of training and development within a team.

Loretta Gallagher on the Super Users VS. At the Elbow (ATE)

Gallagher Associates follow a two-step process. Firstly, they focus on training of staff and outsourced consultants. Once this is perfected, the next step is go-live support, which ensures the successful implementation of electronic medical records. Super users are expert individuals from within your organization.

Loretta Gallagher on Large EMR Consultant Firms –  Medium

As we continue to advance technologically, we develop and adapt to more efficient, cost effective, and superior methods of completing tasks. A great example is Electronic Medical Records (EMR), a digital collection of patient health information that can be shared across different healthcare providers.

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