Loretta Gallagher
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With over 25 years of professional experience, 15 of which was spent working with EMR’s, owner Loretta Gallagher is always on the lookout for more opportunities to expand her network. Additionally, she believes business allies as well as partners can help her tremendously. Over the years, they were instrumental in helping her start her business, Gallagher Associates, LLC.

Loretta Gallagher's Professional Network

After establishing a company of her own, Loretta wishes to reach out to more people. Whether they are prospective clients, business partners, or just people looking to learn more about EMR, Loretta is excited to meet them. According to her, an entrepreneur is only as successful as the professional network she builds over the years. Furthermore, with over 2 decades of professional experience, Loretta has learned to appreciate those with similar work ethic as her. In fact, she dedicates her success to the people around her who share the same work ethic as her. This still holds true for her today.

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